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You don't have to be a PRO cricketer to score like one. Make online team & players' profiles, consolidated states, professional reports all FREE.  Besides offering scoreboards, we offer player stats & cloud scoring for cricket matches.

  • NO installations, NO slowdown of your phone.
  • Online public profile.
  • Professional graphs & stats.
  • No more fights over who is performing best.
Salient Features

Friendly Scoring Platform

An interactive, easy to use online scoring platform which anyone can use from any smart phone or tablet without any installation.
Cricket score board

Comprehensive Score Card

A comprehensive online score card of every match. It is easily accessible and can be shared with every one.

Wagon Wheel Of Runs

You can record where most runs were scored.
For ease of scoring only boundaries are recorded but can be changed to record each run even. Wagon Wheel Of Runs

Runs Worm

"Runs Worm" is a very popular graph used in cricket. It shows the progress of the innings and the fall of wickets during this progress of innings. Runs Worm

Who Scored Most Runs

This graph is exclusive to Cricket Scorer, gives clear picture of who has scored most runs & contribution of extras. Who Scored Most Runs

Runs Per Over

This graph gives an overview of runs scored in the span of an innings (which overs costed most). Runs Per Over

How Runs are scored

This is a valuable graph exclusive at cricket scorer. It shows what portions of runs are scored in boundaries, in singles/doubles and in extras. How runs are scored

Runs Rate Worm

This graph gives you run rate of both teams during their batting. It shows the rise and fall of run rate during the progress of the innings besides final runrate. Run rate graph

Batting - ball by ball

This report gives a ball by ball overview of each batsman from first ball faced to the last ball.
Batting Ball by Ball

Bowling - ball by ball

This report gives a ball by ball overview of each bowler from first ball bowled to the last ball.
Bowling Ball by Ball